April 6th, 2017

Heather Mills In Bionic Commando Conflict

Heather Mills has been dropped as the face of a publicity campaign for Bionic Commando, according to The Sun.In one of the stranger stories we’ve read today, Mills was reportedly approached by Capcom to promote the game due to her charity work with amputees. The game’s hero, Nathan ‘Rad’ Spencer has a prosthetic limb which fires a grappling hook and can be used as a weapon.As far as we know, Mills’ prosthetic leg does not sport a grappling hook.A source told the Sun that Sir Paul McCartney’s ex demanded a six-figure fee to promote the game and also suggested that a character based on her should star in the game. The producers, having finished the game, were apparently not keen and called the deal off.Capcom has declined to comment on the story.UPDATE: Mills has since responded to the Sun story. Find out what she had to say here.