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Damn kids, always raiding my allotment.

Julius Caesar continues to rise in Longbow Games’ Hegemony Rome, as the developer announces a fairly hefty update to their Early Access title. If you read my handsome and insightful preview of the game, you’ll know that previously the game stopped at chapter 2 (of 4.)

That’s no longer the case, because this new build of Hegemony Rome adds a third story chapter, as well as new objective rewards in the second and tweaks to AI and balance in all parts of the story.

As well as that, features have been added and bugs quashed beneath the boot of Imperial Rome. Here’s a list of what else has changed:

– All friendly unit formations are now visible on the battlefield
– Randomised enemies for some battles
– Improved enemy combat AI
– New background asset loader to improve performance
– Unit selections can now be assigned to the number keys

– Fixed bug with non-english characters in the load/save game screen
– Fixed “Unit formation index” bug
– Fixed some “Error caching brigade” bugs
– Diplomacy options that would break the campaign are now locked
– Fixed potential freeze when units rout
– Fixed bug with drag selection when a lot of units were onscreen

Hegemony Rome is on Steam’s Early Access, priced (for now) at $25.00 USD.

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