Heistly done: Payday 2 due this summer

Payday 2

Overkill want your valuables again. Now owned by fellow developer Starbreeze, Overkill will be developing Payday 2 (the sequel, of course, to four-player co-op title Payday: The Heist) for release later this year. Most likely sometime in summer.

It’ll be a co-op experience once again, but now aims to have persistent characters who’ll ‘level up’ and unlock various upgrades as they engage in heist-tastic behaviour. You’ll be either “the Mastermind, the Enforcer, the Ghost” or “the Technician.”

Alongside that, there’s said to be a list of ‘contacts’ from which players will select missions. As you and your criminal pals progress, larger jobs with higher rewards will become available.

Mentioned thus far are a jewel heist and the theft of a cocaine shipment. As before, missions will be dynamic. This extends to “random geometry or even rare events.”

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