Hellblade: Senua’s Sacrifice launched in the early hours of this morning and an issue has popped up not related to the game’s death mechanic.

    In Hellblade there is a permadeath mechanic that’s triggered when the rot reaches the head of the protagonist. Players get an idea of how affected they are by the rot moving up the arm of the character. If a player dies too often it’s back to the start for another attempt.

    That is of course not a bug but some Steam users have been reporting an issue where they get stuck from progressing. It appears the only way to progress is to load a previous save and hope that it’s fixed. The video below demonstrates the issue which may be appearing in different places.

    It’s worth noting that if the rot reaches the head, saves get deleted and it’s time to start over so it might be a good idea to find the saves on your hard drive and back them up in case.  The bug will likely be fixed sharpish if it’s becoming a real problem. Just be aware it exists and watch out for an update from Ninja Theory.

    There have been some players complaining about the permadeath mechanic so if you do not like games with permadeath then simply don’t play it


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