Hanbitsoft has released a preview trailer for its Asia-only Hellgate: Resurrection, starting with Hellgate: Tokyo in March 2010.

What was previously Hellgate: London has been renamed Hellgate: Resurrection, and will be released in Asia by Hanbitsoft in ten new acts. Before they start on these acts, the unfinished Abyss Chronicles from the original HG:L will also be up and running for players. With this announcement, a teaser trailer has been released. You can find and comment on it here.According to the press release, this is the intended release schedule: November 13: Hanbitsoft changes the name Hellgate: London to Hellgate: Resurrection November 17: New server opens for beta test December 8: Hellgate: Resurrection officially launched December 22: Start billing item service January 2010: Implementing Difficulty-mode: Danjonmodo March 2010: “Hellgate: Tokyo” Act 1 implementationPlayers emerge into a devastated Tokyo, with access to 10 regions, including three types of boss monsters. Hanbitsoft stated during the press conference that the game still uses some of the old Hellgate: London source code, but it has been updated with new content. They have removed the level cap of 50, and implemented a character advancement system. Of course, Hellgate: Tokyo’s Templar concept art resembles Samurai armour.

Some of the locations to be visited are Tokyo, Yokohama and Osaka. The game will be free to play with basic items, and Hanbitsoft plans to offer a service that allows players to purchase items for real money.There are rumours abound that Hanbitsoft purchased the rights of Hellgate: London from Namco to publish the game in USA, or is in process of. There is no confirmation on these rumors yet.

Some fans are terrified by the announcement, as it brings back bad memories of the original game. It will be an immense challenge for Hanbitsoft to refine the source code, add exciting content and a provide a powerful enough public relations lure to convince players to try the revised game. Are fans are afraid of being “Flagshipped” again?

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