June 20th, 2017

Hacked Hello Games twitter stated No Man’s Sky was a “mistake”

Hacked Hello Games twitter stated No Man’s Sky was a “mistake”

Hello Games have been extremely quiet since No man’s Sky launched but something bizarre happened on their Twitter account this afternoon,

A tweet was posted on their account which simply read, “No Man’s Sky was a mistake.” Shortly after the tweet was posted, it vanished and then the account was made private. Even though the account has been locked down, a web cached version of the tweet can be found here.

The account had obviously been hacked and Hello Games resurfaced with the following tweet.

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  • Comments: 3
    • Iorek Byrnison

      So… they didn’t forget how to use twitter?!

    • Hussain Ali

      Oh they knew how to use it alright. Just didn’t have the guts to face the truth. Needed some one to make them realize that…

    • Waswat

      After a long period of what was effectively radio silence since the release, this happens… Hmm.