File rummagers, you’ve got to love them. The latest possibility to be uncovered by a good old fashion root around in Skyrim’s 1.8 beta files is Dragon mounts and a trip to a location that was last sighted in Morrowind. Several files appear to be prefaced with the term ‘DragonMounted’ which, if accurate, would suggest some sort of Dragon riding might be on the horizon.

The new locations allegedly referenced are as follows: Raven Rock, Miraak Temple, Castle Karstaag. Telvanni Tower and Solstheim. Solstheim will presumably be remembered by Morrowind fans as the location at which the expansion ‘Bloodmoon’ took place.

Other bits and pieces keep being discovered, including some sort of multi-part Dragon armour. The thread has subsequently been closed, but you can still check in to see what had been uncovered up to that point.

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