It was recently announced that two hit indie games originally released on the PS3 would be coming to the PS4. The Unfinished Swan and Journey were both highly acclaimed on the PS3 and are now getting a re-release on the PS4. Journey in particular struck a chord with gamers and has since become one of the most celebrated indie games of all time.

    When it was announced that Journey would be re-released, some gamers have stated that they won’t be purchasing it a second time due to the fact they already bought it on the PS3. However, in this article published by PushSquare.com and written by Sammy Barker, you can read his thoughts on why Journey is worth a revisit and why he in particular looks forward to it. If you’re on the fence about re-buying the game then this article will help you make a decision. You can read Sammy’s article right HERE.

    Paul Younger
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