Hergé's Tintin Will Soon Have A New Videogame (1)

There have been many ambitious crossovers between entertainment mediums. Comic book heroes have made the leap to the movies. Plenty of video game heroes have done the same, to varying degrees of success. Now, a classic hero is making an action-adventure comeback, courtesy of Blacksad: Under the Skin publisher Microids. The French publisher will be releasing a new Tintin game sometime in the future.

The likes of Captain Haddock, Professor Calculus, and detectives Thomson and Thompson will return. Snowy the dog will also join the boy explorer/reporter on this new adventure.

Realizing a dream

“This really is a dream come true for us. The adventures of Tintin transported millions of readers worldwide and this opportunity will allow us to put our talents at the service of one of the biggest creators of the 20th century and its inked hero,” said Stéphane Longeard, CEO of Microids. “Our team members are fans of the famous reporter and will do their best to pay this franchise a vibrant homage. We can’t wait to kick-off this project!”

Hergé's Tintin Will Soon Have A New Videogame (2)

Based on Hergé’s comic book series The Adventures of Tintin, the action-adventure game can draw inspiration from many tales. In fact, the game will invite players to “incredible situations and suspense.”

Fans of the books should know that Tintin has gone on some wild journeys. He has done it all, from navigating all of the seas to exploring the continents, and even walking on the Moon. Now, the reporter stands ready for some new and interactive adventures.

Microids will develop this project in conjunction with Moulinsart. Set up to protect and promote the work of Hergé, the company will ensure that this new creation lives up to the creator’s name.

“The upcoming PC and consoles video game inserts itself pretty well in the legacy of the most famous reporter’s adventures. Our ambition is to provide a mainstream audience with a fun and friendly game for everyone to enjoy,” said Nick Rodwell, Moulinsart’s director. “Microids is for us the ideal partner to bring to life this new Tintin’s adventure.”

More information, including the game’s title, will be revealed at a later date.

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