Heroes of the Storm launches 2 June, open beta soon

Blizzard has announced that its Warcraft/StarCraft/Diablo mashup MOBA, Heroes of the Storm, will leave beta on 2 June.

There’ll be a brief open beta period before the game actually launches, beginning on 20 May, so if you want to give the game a whirl before launch (without buying in, as you can do right now) then that’ll be your opportunity.

Heroes of the Storm won’t be the world’s biggest MOBA on launch, offering “more than 30 playable Heroes”, but it will at least have seven Battlegrounds that very much determine the way each match has to be played. And naturally, you’ll be able to customise your Heroes and their mounts with a variety of different skins and models, unlockable through gameplay or purchasable through the in-game store.

As you possibly expect, Blizzard is planning on making a big song and dance of this, with a livestreamed launch event happen on 1 June in London. Details of that will arrive nearer the time, however.

Heroes of the Storm is due to launch on 2 June. The game’s open beta will begin on 20 May.

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