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Hi-Fi Rush Arcade Challenge update to bring new modes to the mix

The beat goes on.

Up to this point, the excellent Hi-Fi Rush has played things fairly conservatively regarding post-launch updates. Aside from the addition of Photo Mode, the updates have largely stuck with adding extra costumes for Chai and his motley crew to wear. Just today, though, Bethesda and Tango Gameworks finally announced a substantial new update for fans to test their skills with. It goes by the name “Arcade Challenge! Update!,” and it implements, among other things, two new modes that further explore the electrifying, rhythmic combat of Hi-Fi Rush. Players can rock out with this update once it makes its way to the stage on July 5.

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One of the fresh new modes on offer comes in the form of BPM Rush, which will really push players’ ability to keep up with the beat. Players battle waves of enemies as per usual, but as they do so, the BPM, or beats-per-minute, will gradually go up. Eventually, the tempo of fights will become much faster than anything you could find in the base game. The new trailer for the update introduces the mode with the tagline “You want a Turbo Mode?,” which seems like a pretty clear reference to the Devil May Cry mode of the same name.

What about the second mode?

Meanwhile, the other mode, dubbed “Power Up! Tower Up!,” provides a variation on the Rhythm Tower mode you can unlock in the base game. Like before, you scale up floors filled with enemy waves, only you now have to start out with Chai completely depowered. As you clear the various floors, you will receive randomized upgrades that will slowly bring Chai back to fighting shape.

The new Hi-Fi Rush update boasts plenty of other fun little features aside from the usual costumes. For instance, the new modes introduce brand-new souped-up variants of enemies from the base game on top of the handful of variants introduced in the Rhythm Tower. The update even adds some new Special Attacks that incorporate CNMN and, surprisingly, Smidge, the tutorial bot from the main campaign.

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