Hi-Fi Rush Easter egg potentially teases The Evil Within 3

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Those who have played Hi-Fi Rush no doubt already know that the developer behind it, Tango Gameworks, previously worked on The Evil Within franchise. Naturally, Hi-Fi Rush contains a few nods that directly reference the survival horror franchise. One such reference comes in the form of a recurring robot HR investigator character that immediately brings The Evil Within protagonist Sebastian to mind. Players knew about many of these secrets since the game’s launch. But one proved so well-hidden that GamesRadar first reported on it only about a day ago. Even more interestingly, this elusive Hi-Fi Rush Easter egg could serve as a teaser for what may be The Evil Within 3.

First found by an anonymous reader of GamesRadar, this Easter egg hides away at the very beginning of Track 11. Note that Track 11 functions as the second-to-last stage in the game, so those who wish to avoid light spoilers should tread carefully.

Hi-Fi Rush hides an elusive Easter egg for The Evil Within

The start of Track 11 sees Chai and the gang standing in an elevator and having one last conversation before their confrontation with Kale, Hi-Fi Rush‘s main villain. Right as the conversation ends and the heroes arrive at Kale’s office, the camera cuts to a screen showing the current floor. This shot only lasts for about a split second, but it contains a few details players can spot if they record and pause the footage. At the very bottom, the screen displays a news headline that reads: “Sequel to popular survival horror game franchise announced.”

Although this Hi-Fi Rush Easter egg does not definitively confirm the existence of The Evil Within 3, it will nonetheless leave many fans of Tango Gameworks speculating over its meaning. If The Evil Within 3 does receive an official announcement in the near future, then we will have this Easter egg to thank for spilling the beans ahead of time.

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