Hi-Rez Call for Tribes Universe Alpha Testers

Following the announcement that Hi-Rez Studios had acquired the Tribes License they announced Tribes Universe as their next title. Hi-Rez is now calling on PC gamers to sign-up for the game’s Alpha test.
Applicants can sign-up now at www.tribesuniverse.com. Testing is expected to get underway as soon as early next year which is great news for Tribes fans. Stewart Chisam, Executive Producer of Tribes Universe, added:
“We are very proud and humbled to be carrying the banner of the Tribes Franchise. Because the game will be focused around huge battles on huge landscapes, we need a solid group of very dedicated testers that can help us from the games’ earliest stages to validate the scalability and performance of the game, while also helping tune and refine gameplay. We look forward to starting Alpha testing early next year and will certainly be providing much more information over the coming months.”
Massive PvP battles
Massive outdoor maps/landscapes
Full persistent world with territory control (no instances)
Three Tribes (Factions)
Full clan support
First person view (third person for some vehicles)
Full vehicle support (ground and air)
Jetpacks, skiing, lots of weapons — all the things you expect from a game set inside the Tribes game world.

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