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The internet stirred when we finally got an update on Hideo Kojima’s cryptic PlayStation 4 exclusive coming to PC. On Death Stranding‘s PS4 launch day, PC preorders were opened. Since then, the game has continued to both please and puzzle audiences with its unusual sci-fi storyline and unconventional gameplay. Now, we have one more puzzle to add to the pile. Hideo Kojima recently tweeted a Death Stranding trailer that bears a striking resemblance to the official trailer for the film 1917.

Death Stranding and 1917 crossover?

Death Stranding solidified the strong relationship between Kojima and director Guillermo del Toro. That relationship began as far back as the cancelled Silent Hills project. So, what’s next for Death Stranding and Kojima Productions? It’s hard to say at this point. However, is the recent tweet an indicator that Kojima and 1917‘s director, producer, and co-writer Sam Mendes could be forging an alliance? It’s likely just a joke, but who knows?

Kojima’s love and respect for celebrity personalities stretches all over the entertainment industry. Not only did he manage to bring del Toro and Norman Reedus on board for Death Stranding (even after del Toro said he would never work in video games again), but he also managed to get Conan O’Brien a small cameo in the game.

Hideo Kojima has regularly stated that film has had a major impact on his life and career. Often regarded as one of gaming’s few auteurs, Kojima originally set out to become a film director. This dream has yet to be fully realized, but he transitioned into game design and development as a fresh start.

Early in his career, he developed games for the MSX computer system. As years went on, the cinematic influence began to shine through. Today, for better or worse, his games are known for their long cut scenes. Whatever is next for Kojima Productions, we can expect the cinematic influence will remain.

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