The well known creator of the Metal Gear franchise, Hideo Kojima, loves using his Twitter account to tease gamers eagerly awaiting news on the next Metal Gear game. With E3 just around the corner, Hideo Kojima has been up to his old tricks and has got us itching to see the new Metal Gear content that will be shown at E3, including the new trailer for the upcoming game The Phantom Pain.

“There are many players of “Ground Zeroes” who are asking, what happens to Snake and the others, exactly what is going on? Also the growth in maps and the addition of time and climates to the game, in which we call “Free Infiltration”, is something that players may worry about. They will mostly think “How big is this game going to get?” and we are going to give everyone a little taste of it at E3.”

“Many people have played “Peace Walker” for tens and even hundreds of hours, and as they head on to play “Ground Zeroes” alongside Snake and Kaz, well, there will be more people who will be lost here. That is why you don’t stand on the sidelines like in a movie, this is a feeling that you can only get whilst playing a game, and once you have completed “Ground Zeroes” the users will also feel a certain phantom pain. That is where “The Phantom Pain” will begin…”

Kojima teased us with this through his Twitter and to make it even worse, Konami posted the following: “June 10th. E3. Snake Returns”.

Metal Gear fans everywhere are going to be pumped for E3 now.

Source: DualShockers

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