Hidetaka Miyazaki revealed during his latest interview that he is currently working on a brand new IP. The chapter of the legendary Dark Souls series has closed for the well-known video game creator and he also ruled out the release of a remastered version of Demon’s Souls.

He stressed out the fact that he wants to work on something new, something that will not continue the Dark Souls series or Bloodborne. You can read the excerpt of his interview below:

Q: I know you said there won’t be any sequels and Dark Souls 3 marks the end of the series. But is this world really coming to an end? Is there a chance there would be some kind of DLC, spin-offs or tie-in novels set in this world?

A: Dark Souls 3 will be have several DLCs like previous games. But there’s absolutely no plan right now for any sequels, spin-offs or tie-ins. But I can’t say for certain the possibility is 0%.

For example, if a FROM Software developer come to me five years from now and beg ‘please let me make another Dark Souls‘. Then I will not rule out the possibility to let my subordinates start a new project.

What is certain for now is, to me personally Dark Souls is over. So rather than make another sequel, I think it’s time we take a step to a new direction. Development of a new IP has already begun.

Q: So we won’t be seeing a Demons’s Souls sequel or remaster any time soon?

A: We want to try making new things.

Source: GNN

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