High On Life How To Buy Use The Dodge Unit Feat

High on Life: How to buy the Dodge Unit guide

Dodge this.

High on Life is a first-person shooter by Squanch Games and Justin Roiland, the famed creator of Rick and Morty. The game sets you in the space boots of a bounty hunter, fighting vicious alien foes to retake the conquered Earth. It’s a fun, colorful, and often hilarious game. As a hunter of bounties, you have an arsenal of not only weapons (that talk), but valuable tools (that don’t). One such tool can help you avoid damage and reach certain locations. Here is our guide on how to buy the Dodge Unit in High on Life.

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The Dodge Unit upgrade in High on Life is acquired as part of the story, and not long after your first bounty kill. Once you defeat your first bounty, and boss, 9-Torg, return to your adorable suburbanite house and speak with Gene Zaroothian. After he remarks his surprise at your return, stab him. Just do it. Take Knifey and stab him. You’ll earn an achievement. Stabbing him doesn’t get you the Dodge Unit. You should just do it because it’s funny.

High on Life: Buy the Dodge Unit guide

After chatting with (and stabbing) Gene, he’ll mention you need the upgrade for your bounty suit. The Dodge Unit upgrade is where you first had to go to get the suit’s activation key: Mr. Keeps Pawn Shop, right there in Blim City. Once you’re done with any conversations, leave the house and hit the ‘Info Scanner’ key to bring up a quest marker. Follow it by heading up the path to the right after leaving the house, then turn left and keep walking until you find the pawn shop on the right side.

High On Life How To Buy Use The Dodge Unit Path

Follow the marker and head up the road just to the right of the house (facing out the door). Screenshot by PC Invasion

Once in the shop, speak with Mr. Keeps and he’ll show you the upgrade behind him. To buy the Dodge Unit upgrade, click on it on the shelf to pay 1,000 Pesos — the currency in High on Life. You should have the cash, since your bounty claim on 9-Torg just so happens to be 1,000 Pesos. If not, then check out our guide on finding Luglox boxes, which will have the money you need.

High On Life How To Buy Use The Dodge Unit Store

Screenshot by PC Invasion

How to use the Dodge Unit

With the Dodge Unit equipped, you now have the means to avoid incoming damage. Using the Dodge Unit in High on Life is easy. Its keybinding is ‘Left Ctrl,’ and tapping the key lets you do a short dash in the direction you’re moving. You have three charges, which refill slowly. With the right timing, you can dodge enemy fire or get to a ledge just out of your reach since you can use it in mid-air.

High On Life How To Buy Use The Dodge Unit Move

Screenshot by PC Invasion

However, you should use it wisely; the charges are slow, so burning all three might leave you vulnerable with no way to avoid damage.

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