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The Setup

Hitman 2’s newest elusive target began this weekend. The target for this mission is Miranda Jamison, director of the Gorka Institute in Barcelona. The Gorka Institute is the most important art authentication facility in the world. Jamison has used this powerful position to drive up art prices worldwide and make sure only artists she supports achieve worldwide fame. This has driven many smaller art galleries out of business and led to many snubbed artists committing suicide. Our mission is to eliminate Jamison while she is at the gathering of the secretive Ark Society on the Isle of Sgail, where she plans to gift Nathaniel Drake a stolen painting.

The Hunt

The first step in any Hitman 2 mission is finding your target. Like most of the high-value targets on the Isle of Sgail, Jamison mostly loiters around deep inside the fortress. She has a pretty consistent loop, which I’ve marked on the map below in red. Her path begins in a small side room where she is evaluating some precious artifacts and smaller art pieces. From there, she will path outside to a rather heavily guarded area outside and eventually back into the interior of the castle. Occasionally, she will path into the art gallery across the hall from the artifact storage room, although this might only happen on her first loop after you encounter her. Here she will talk to Nathaniel Drake and promises to give him a gift later.

The Execution

I see quite a few assassination opportunities within this loop. First, the small storage room across the hall from the art gallery. Jamison stops here on every loop and the room is very isolated. The room is small and there are only two entrances to worry about. When Jamison is not present, the room is occupied by one armed guard and two art appraisers. One of the appraisers will occasionally step outside the room, and if you’re quick enough I believe you can incapacitate the others while she is gone.

There’s a storage bin where you can hide the bodies to prevent alerting the third worker when she returns. Dispose of her as well and the room is empty for the next time Jamison decides to swing by. She only has one armed guard with her, so they can both be eliminated easily when they’re isolated inside the room. I chose this strategy for my run, but I was not quick enough at disposing of the bodies. This resulted in me getting filled with lead by the guards outside. Sorry, Agent 47.

Screen Shot 2019 01 28 At 5.12.57 Pm

This map shows Jamison’s path through the area. Highlighted in yellow is the small room where my failed ambush took place.

Alternate Choices

Here are a few other assassination opportunities that I came across, but did not get a chance to try out:

  • Dropping the chandelier on Miranda Jamison and Nathaniel Drake when they meet in the Art Gallery.
  • Using a smuggled sniper rifle to take out Jamison from afar while she wanders outside.
  • Disguising Agent 47 as Nathaniel Drake and eliminating Jamison in private while she is gifting you the stolen painting.

As with all missions in Hitman 2, I’m sure there are million wacky ways to eliminate Ms. Jamison. Hopefully, you have more luck than I did. Let me know in the comments what crazy methods you come up with!

Good luck, 47…

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