Hitman 2’s Next Sniper Assassin Map Heads To The Cold Of A Siberian Prison

Hitman 2 is back with another piece of post-release content. This comes hot off the heels of the New York City-based Bank map’s release last month. The latest addition to the very good assassination game is a Sniper Assassin map. And its new setting? A Siberian prison facility.

Sniper Assassin maps work a little different compared to the typical Hitman 2 sandbox level you are probably accustomed to. Instead of roaming around a map, learning patrol patterns, and picking up new outfits to blend in, you sit in a single perch, observing from on high how all the clockwork pieces move. These maps are also unique in that you can play them co-op. You and a friend can work together to eliminate targets, complete challenges, earn score multipliers, and upgrade weapons.

The Targets

Agent 47’s goal on this frozen map is to kill off two VIPs at the prison. The first is Roman Khabko, a renowned Russian mobster with suspected political ties. The second is the Warden of the privately-owned prison, Vitaly Reznikov. Reznikov has been bribed to let Khabko out early. It is up to you to make sure both of them spend the rest of their lives behind bars — “the rest of their lives” being however long it takes you to finish them off. You’ll also need to eliminate Reznikov’s mercenary guards, a group known as The Siberian Tigers. To top off your perfect murder sundae, you’ll need to incite a prison riot to cover your tracks. That will let you disappear into the cold, dark, Siberian night.

The riot will have additional gameplay mechanics. You’ll be able to hide bodies and burn down buildings from afar by manipulating where the riot group moves. There are plenty of challenges to complete, opportunities to take advantage of, achievements, and secrets to find. Completing challenges will build up your level mastery. Upon fully mastering the level, you will obtain Agent 47’s ICA Druzhina 34 Arctic sniper rifle for use in any sandbox level.

The level will be available to all Hitman 2 expansion pass owners on July 30.

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