Hitman 3: Berlin guide — Apex Predator mission

Hitman 3 Berlin Apex Predator Guide

After playing Hitman 3‘s Dubai and Dartmoor levels, Berlin will feel like a total departure from what you’ve gotten used to. I’ll explain more in our guide for the “Apex Predator” mission.

Note: For more information, check out our Hitman 3 guides and features hub. Likewise, please be reminded that this guide contains major spoilers. You have been warned.


Hitman 3: Berlin and “Apex Predator” guide

The reason Hitman 3‘s Berlin level feels different isn’t just because there’s no mission story whatsoever, but it’s also due to your targets.

Ready for the spoiler?

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There are 11 in total and all of them are ICA agents. Also, almost all of them are wearing disguises; they’ll spot you if you get too close and you won’t even know that they’re your foes

They’re roaming around Berlin’s Club Hölle and its nearby power plant and factory. As such, the entire “Apex Predator” mission does feel very confusing due to the level’s layout and the number of targets. Don’t worry, though, because you only need to kill five ICA agents (pick anyone you want) so you can escape the area.

Anyway, because this Hitman 3 mission is structured differently, I’ve slightly modified the guide with sections pertaining to a specific ICA agent and related challenges:

  • Berlin level mastery unlocks and general tips
  • Agent Price – I also mention a few tips and various ways to get inside Club Hölle at the start of the level.
  • Agent Swan – Includes “The Swan Song,” “Spree Party,” and “Juiced Up.” Swan drops an electronic key hacker, and there are nearby poisons and disguises to help you out.
  • Agent Davenport – Includes “The Rookie,” “Suck A Bag of Bricks,” and “Versatile Assassin: Hold My Hair.” Davenport drops a lockpick.
  • Agent Green – Includes “The Scout.” Green’s location is also where you can find a crowbar. Green drops the radio tower key.
  • Agent Thames – Includes “The Professional,” “Crane Trauma,” and “Versatile Assassin: Someone Could Hurt Themselves.”
  • Agent Banner and Agent Montgomery – Includes “The Wall,” “The Leader,” and “How the Turntables.”
  • Agent Chamberlin – Includes “The Joker” and “Whiteout.”
  • Agent Lowenthal – Includes “The Englishman” and Delivery Guy (“Wurst”) challenges.
  • Agent Rhodes – Includes “The Veteran” and “Paging Dr. Greenthumb.”
  • Agent Tremaine – Includes “The Sniper” and “The 47th Trick in the Book.” I also discuss how to complete the “Rule of Threes” assassination challenge.
  • Agent Montgomery and multiple targets – Includes “The Leader,” “The Club Owner,” “There was a Firefight,” and “Drive it Home.” This is also a guaranteed way to eliminate multiple agents in Club Hölle. There’s even a way to cheese “Drive it Home,” an assassination challenge that requires you to bring down three ICA agents while they’re evacuating.
  • Other challenges in Berlin – I’ve included other challenges such as those involving the Scrap Sword, Concrete Ornithology, Florida Man, the Drug Dealer, and more.

Note 1:  Agents Chamberlin, Banner, and Thames often follow their squad leader, Montgomery, when he confronts you during “There Was A Firefight,” and you might want to do that instead of trying to kill them while they’re alone.

Note 2: If you’re trying to do “Rule of Threes” and “Drive It Home,” I suggest subduing some of the agents first (especially those who are patrolling open areas).

Note 3: Lastly, for the other kill-types related to Versatile Assassin, you’ll need to bring the correct items with you (i.e., garrote wire or lethal poison). If you spot any agent, simply perform the required assassination method to get these tallies completed.

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