Hitman 3 Berlin Apex Predator Guide

Agent Lowenthal and delivering pizza to the bikers

Remember the Juice Bar where you can serve a drink to Agent Swan? The pizza delivery guy’s right here.


When he goes to the yard for a smoke, drop him and take his clothes and scooter key.

Next, pass through the gate and you’ll see the parked scooter in front of the entrance to the Biker Hangout.

Htmn3 Brl Apx Lowenthal 1

Ring the doorbell and one of the bikers will tell you to open the scooter’s container. Do just that.

He’ll grab the food, so let him take it to his mates (one of whom is Agent Lowenthal).

Htmn3 Brl Apx Lowenthal 2

If you add poison in the food before the biker takes it, Lowenthal will be in for a world of hurt once he starts eating. Depending on the poison you used, he’ll be dead or he’ll feel sick and you just need to follow him to the toilet.

Note: These steps complete multiple challenges such as “The Wurst Disguise,” “The Wurst Delivery,” and “The Wurst Getaway” (if you use the scooter to exfiltrate Hitman 3‘s Berlin level later).

Htmn3 Brl Apx Lowenthal 3

Don’t forget to take the motorcycle key on the table as well. You can escape later using the bike and complete “Full Throttle.”

Note: The motorcycle that you need to use is at the facility’s garage. The challenge can sometimes bug out so you might want to have a save handy just in case.

Htmn3 Brl Apx Lowenthal 4

Likewise, if you head to the Drug Packaging area while you’re on this floor, you can take the bag of cocaine.

Anyway, since we’re in the Biker Hangout, let’s meet Agent Rhodes.

Htmn3 Brl Apx Lowenthal 5

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