Hitman 3 Berlin Apex Predator Guide

Berlin level mastery unlocks

Let’s discuss the mastery unlocks and some general tips for Hitman 3‘s Berlin level.


Initially, the hostile ICA agents appear as white pips on your minimap (just like other guards or potential hostiles). But, if you hear them speak into their earpiece, they’ll be permanently marked with a red crosshair.

Also, I would suggest incapacitating some of them (if they’re in a secluded location). If these agents are subdued, you might be able to cheese a particular assassination challenge.

Htmn3 Brl Apx 1

Berlin Mastery Unlocks
Mastery Level Reward Type
2 Entrance Staff Room
ICA Remote Micro Tester
Stash (large)
Remote taser
3 Club Entrance Starting location (Club Patron disguise)
4 Projection Bar Stash (small)
5 ICA Remote Explosive Mk III Explosive item
6 Projection Bar Starting location (Club Bartender)
7 Basement Toilet
Custom 5mm DTI
Stash (small)
8 Radio Tower Starting location
9 Biker Garage Stash (small)
10 Lethal Poison Vial Poison item
11 Chill Out Starting location (Club Security)
12 Chill-Out Staff Trainer Stash (briefcase)
13 Flash Grenade Mk III Explosive item
14 Skylight Access Stash (briefcase)
15 Lethal Syringe Mk III Poison item
16 DJ Booth Starting location (DJ)
17 Overpass Stash (briefcase)
18 Biker Hangout Starting location (Biker)
19 Basement Boiler Room Stash (briefcase)
20 Number Six with Gloves
Remote Explosive Devil Rubber Duck
Explosive item

Anyway, let’s talk about starting the level itself. It’s time to take out Agent Price and enter Club Hölle.

Htmn3 Brl Apx 2

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