Hitman 3 Adding 'persistent Shortcuts' Feature To Enhance Replayability 1

When it comes to perfecting the art of killing, nothing can quite compare to the experience of the Hitman games. After all, Agent 47 has been at it for a long time now. With the bald-headed killer set to embark on new adventures in the upcoming Hitman 3, players can expect new features to enhance the formula they know and love. As reported by Game Informer, it seems that the game is hell-bent on giving you more options to indulge in your professional assassinating ways.

One of those features for Hitman 3 is referred to as persistent shortcuts. IO Interactive wants to incentivize players to explore, and your curiosity will be rewarded with more replayability. The first time you go through a level, you might be restricted to just a few methods of entry. However, shortcuts such as doors, ladders, and other possible entry points can be unlocked. Following that, they will stay open for any future run through the level again.


This new feature will make your Hitman 3 seemingly new again, as you can try new approaches in reaching your elusive targets. These can lead to new areas, ways of killing, and perhaps a better times if you are into competitive killing.

Highway to murder

Considering that the series is already quite well known for giving players plenty of freedom when engaging in assassination, this new Hitman 3 feature will make things even more exciting. Not only do you get to hone your craft, but also utilize more tools as you progress. Learning on the job has never been more rewarding.

Hitman 3 Adding 'persistent Shortcuts' Feature To Enhance Replayability 2

Hitman 3 will arrive in just two weeks’ time. While the core formula will remain intact, fans can get excited about the improvements in the pipeline. The game can handle up to 300 active NPCs at any given time. Even past levels from the first two games will be included in Hitman 3, while reducing the size required for everything.

IO Interactive is definitely working its magic for the next entry. Keep your eyes peeled for our upcoming review.

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