Hitman 3 Trailer

The Hitman franchise is all about inventively taking out targets in exotic locations and Hitman 3 has that in spades. The game’s latest trailer highlights all of the places players can take Agent 47 as he ruthlessly fulfills his contracts. And to be honest, today’s trailer makes the job of being a hitman sound like a pretty sweet gig, as long as you don’t mind getting blood all over your new suit.

Today’s trailer for Hitman 3 focuses on new locales and the methods Agent 47 has at his disposal for getting jobs done. In it, we see some already revealed locations like England and Dubai, but one stood out from the rest. It saw Agent 47 in an underground cavern filled with strange geometric shapes. There isn’t a way to easily discern where he is or who his target is in this last instance. What can be said is that all these venues are gorgeous. The trailer shows each in full 4K resolution with ray-traced reflections and shadows, all of which breathe life into the world and its people.


Tools of the trade

No trailer for Hitman 3 would be complete without a look at some of the new toys Agent 47 can use. He still has his classic silver ball pistols, piano wire, and remote explosives, but some new ones have been added to the mix as well. Hitman 3 will supply players with modern silenced shotguns and massive sniper rifles to take out targets. There are also the necessary wacky additions like a feather duster that you can take to an unsuspecting guard’s head.

The real fun toys are for the folks that can perform with deadly precision. Just like the past two Hitman titles, Hitman 3 will give players new scenarios and tools to play with. Today’s Hitman 3 trailer also hints at escalations and complications that can make Agent 47’s job harder, although it doesn’t specify what those are.

Hitman 3 will release on PC via the Epic Games Store on January 20, 2021.

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