Hitman: Absolution will feature “a dozen Hollywood actors,” according to the Hollywood Reporter.
As voice actors, that is, not victims. Although they may well have voiced a victim, we don’t really know at this stage.
Anyway, Keith Carradine (from something called Cowboys & Aliens, which I thought was a Kitchens of Distinction album) will be playing a new villain called Blake Dexter and Marsha Thomason (White Collar) will be Agent 47’s handler, Diana Burnwood.
A few more vague details about the actual game are also divulged in the article, including an indication from IO Interactive’s Tore Blystad that Absolution will be “[a] more serious, and darker game this time … in both the story line and the visuals.” That’s kind of alarming, given the subject matter of the previous Hitman games. Hopefully this doesn’t mean a toning down of the comedy antics, like poisoning doughnuts and giving them to FBI agents.

Sadly, the piece doesn’t mention (or even tease) any details of new ways to bump people off in the forthcoming title. Which, after all, is the joy of Hitman.
More alarming still, Hollywood apparently hasn’t learned its lesson from the last Hitman film and is planning a sequel to coincide with the game. This is sure to be just as much of a cinematic triumph as … no, I’m sorry, I can’t write that with a straight face. The first film was utter dreck and this one probably will be too.
Source: The Hollywood Reporter

Paul Younger
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