September 5th, 2017

Hitman: Absolution updated with platform-exclusive contracts

Hitman: Absolution updated with platform-exclusive contracts
hitman absolution doughnuts
I haven’t found a screenshot of the haunted house yet, so enjoy this picture of what 360 users will be playing.

For absolutely (Absolution-ly?) no reason that I can tell, Hitman: Absolution has just been updated with a new contract on each system. Three platforms, three different contracts.

PC overlords get access to a haunted house, while console types get a doughnut shop (360) and a “pyromaniac ice-cream seller” (PS3). I’m not entirely clear as to whether these are brand-new single-player missions, areas for you to create your own contracts in the Contracts Mode, or both. The mention of “pyromaniac ice-cream seller” makes me think there’s definitely a dev-developed mission assigned to each, though.

It’s a bit of a shame that all three aren’t accessible on all systems, but oh well. This might be enough to get me to reinstall Hitman: Absolution anyway, which Peter kinda liked and I utterly loathed.

Incidentally, this news comes from the Hitman Facebook page. The previous update to this was one at the start of the new year, which stated that this “will be a very exciting year.” News on the next Hitman game imminent? Hm.

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