IO Interactive have sketched out the upcoming additions to Hitman you can expect across the month of March. A pair of Escalations and an Elusive Target are the main attractions here, as well as a March Update patch.

The week beginning 6 March will get a Marrakesh-based Escalation (so look out for that one in the next few days), the week of 13 March will see the release of the March Update, along with a Colorado Elusive Target. After that, it’s another set of 10 Featured Contracts on the week of 20 March, and then another Escalation (Bangkok) on the week beginning 27 March.

Those are release periods rather than exact dates, and probably subject to change if IO deem it necessary, but that gives you an idea what’s next for Hitman. Expect more details about the March Update and so on in due course.

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