Eidos Montreal’s mobile-based Hitman title, Hitman GO, is going to be cunningly disguising itself as a PC game and strolling, unnoticed, onto Steam next week. That word “mobile” might be setting off some internal alarms, but (from what I’ve heard, at least) this game is actually supposed to be quite clever.

It’s a turn-based strategic twist on the Hitman theme, and also seems to use nifty plastic-like figurines to depict its levels and characters. The PC version of Hitman GO will have “updated visuals” and “all the great content we added [to the mobile version]”. That includes a mission based on Blood Money’s Paris Opera.

There’ll also be Steamworks integration along the usual lines (cards, achievements, cloud saves, etc). It’ll be appearing on 23 February, and here’s an accompanying trailer.

Peter Parrish

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