IO Interactive have released patch notes for the Hitman July update, which is available now on PC (1.2GB through Steam). The big changes as far as the PC version is concerned revolve around combat and the Professional Difficulty setting.

An earlier update (23 June) apparently jumped the gun on releasing parts of some internal combat changes. As a result, Agent 47 turned into what some have lovingly been calling ‘Tank 47’. This patch switches the combat/damage values back to their pre-23 June states, but does also make some alterations to how combat in Hitman works.

From now on, NPC pistols will fire less rapidly, Agent 47’s ‘snap’ to targets will be a little swifter (with aim assist on), and 47 will take less damage at mid-to-long distances. His health will regenerate a bit faster as well. These changes sound flexible, and IO say they’re open to feedback from players. The lethality of Professional Difficulty remains the same.

Professional Difficulty is, however, now easier to unlock. It becomes an option from Mastery Level 5 (rather than 20) on a given level. So, if you’ve already reached that it should appear as an option next time you log in to the game.

Along with various other specific bug fixes (follow the link in the first paragraph for the full notes), this update also prepares the ground for the final Hitman Elusive Target release. It’s a Marrakesh-based mission in which Agent 47 will be pursuing an entertainer by the name of Mr Giggles. Expect that to appear on Friday (tomorrow).

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