The 500-600mb patch for Hitman applied through Steam today is not exactly a major one, but it does fix a couple of specific crashing issues in the game. You can read the changelog either here, or below.

There’s the usual vague mention of “general stability improvements” for Hitman, but the named changes include sorting out a rare crash in Sapienza when Agent 47 takes a bodyguard disguise, a crash when switching saves on the Paris level, and making sure 47 can’t fall out of the world when he’s in Marrakesh.

Relatively minor stuff, but fairly helpful nonetheless. Remember, if you haven’t yet taken on Gary Busey, he’s still lurking around Sapienza for a few more days.

– Improvements to the ‘Golden Touch’ opportunity in Marrakesh when saving/loading.
– Fixed a rare issue causing a crash in Sapienza when taking a bodyguard disguise.
– Fixed a rare issue that could cause the game to crash when switching between saves in Paris.
– Fixed an issue in Marrakesh that could cause 47 to fall ‘out of world’.
– Fixed an issue in ‘The Icon’ mission that could cause the target to stop moving after loading a save.

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