The latest trailer for the upcoming Hitman game shows Agent 47 getting up to no good in the fictional Italian (I think) coastal town of Sapienza.

While it doesn’t explicitly spell out who the target will be in this one, most of the focus is on a central villa that can conveniently be seen from various other landmarks around town. Such as the church spire, or the old ruined tower on the edge of the coast. That clock-tower looks promising, too.

Or, Agent 47 might just take the direct approach and drop off this guy’s roof with a knife in hand. The open nature (and size) of the level looks pretty promising, especially for those who are hoping Hitman will return to Blood Money form with this installment. Too early to tell for sure, of course, but the options shown in this trailer bode quite well.

Have a look, below. Hitman will be out next March. Or the first few locations from it, anyway.

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