Hitman’s PC 1.03 patch due this week

Hitman’s PC 1.03 patch due this week

Estimates of Hitman’s PC patch (version 1.03) being released in the “near future” turned out to stretch the definition of that phrase a little. Four days after that was stated, the patch hasn’t shown up.

IO’s revised estimate is that PC Hitman players will be seeing the patch “this week.” If, that is, “all goes according to plan.” That new timeline comes from a post by IO’s ‘Travis’ on the Steam hub for the game.

1.03 will add the Vampire Magician Challenge set to the game, as well as various other improvements to loading times and server connectivity. You can read the partial list in this prior post.

Only partial, because this patch is supposed to include a few special PC tweaks and changes that IO haven’t yet spelled out in changelog form.

Hitman’s second episode, Sapienza, is due on 26 April.

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