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Hogwarts Legacy has several puzzles that provide unique challenges. One of these can be found along the viaduct that leads to the Great Hall, and you do need a particular spell just to complete it. Here’s our Hogwarts Legacy guide to help you solve the Bridge Puzzle in the Great Hall’s Viaduct Courtyard.

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Hogwarts Legacy guide – How to solve the Bridge Puzzle in the Viaduct Courtyard

For the sake of clarity, the Bridge Puzzle in Hogwarts Legacy is in the Viaduct Courtyard, an area that connects the Great Hall and Library Annex. When you get there, you’ll notice an odd-looking relief on the ground, and it happens to have various symbols (seen below). Before you do anything else, though, make sure you’ve got Incendio. This spell lets you cast a flame jet, which allows you to light all four braziers along the sides of the bridge.

After lighting the braziers, you’ll be able to interact with and rotate them. You’ll need to match the symbols with the numbers shown on the relief/plate on the ground. For instance, if a brazier has the “triangle with slashes,” you’ll need to rotate it until the Roman numeral “I” appears. Here’s the gist:

  • I – Triangle with slashes.
  • II – Circle.
  • III – Triangle with small circle.
  • IV – Diamond.
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If you do everything correctly, you’ll solve the Bridge Puzzle in Hogwarts Legacy. The grate will open, and you’ll be able to climb down a ladder. You’ll see two small chests that have items added to your Collections tab. But, your main prize here is the large chest at the far end. It contains a legendary item of a random type, though you still need to identify it using the Desk of Description.

Note: This is an early-game Hogwarts mystery that you can complete. A bit later in the campaign once you’re acquired new spells, you may also do the Clock Tower Puzzle and Key of Admittance Puzzle.

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Hogwarts Legacy is available via Steam.

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