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It’s possible to miss during your initial time in the Central Hall in Hogwarts Legacy, but one of the earliest side quests can be found and completed before you even get to your first class. On completion, you can land yourself a couple Field Guide pages and a new outfit. Here’s how to complete the “Like A Moth To A Frame’ quest in Hogwarts Legacy.

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Hogwarts Legacy: How to complete ‘Like A Moth To A Frame’ Quest

Starting location

You’ll find an NPC you can talk to near the fountain in Central Hall, just off to the side. Talk to her to begin the quest. Lenora Everleigh informs you she is bothered by the empty painting on the wall. After you finish speaking to her, cast Lumos on the painting to reveal an image inside it.

How To Complete Like A Moth To A Frame Painting

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Your character will comment that the location the mirror shows must be somewhere nearby. Indeed, going just down the stairs on the opposite side of the hall reveals the location just to the left of the staircase.

How To Complete Like A Moth To A Frame Location

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After casting Revelio on the statue and collecting the Field Guide page, you’ll notice a moth on the wall lit up by the spell. Cast Lumos again, and the moth will follow your wand.

How To Complete Like A Moth To A Frame Moth

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Return to the painting, and the moth will resume its place in the painting. Here you get another Field Guide Page for your good deed.

How To Complete Like A Moth To A Flame Moth Follow

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Lenora Everleigh will be just up the staircase nearest to the painting and by the left railing. Talk to her to complete the quest. You have the option of either telling her how you did it or keeping it a secret.

Lenora Everleigh

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After talking to her, the quest completes and will unlock the Cobalt Regina attire. Access the gear window by pressing escape and then F on the outfit section to put it on.

Cobalt Regina

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Not too shabby of a look for a piece of gear immediately obtainable. Stylish!

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Hogwarts Legacy is available via Steam.

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