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For years, the official Wizarding World franchise website has been home to quizzes to discover yourself in its universe: Hogwarts House, wand, and even what your Patronus would be. Now with Hogwarts Legacy out, Patronuses are more relevant than ever. But one in particular is arguably the most striking. Here’s our Hogwarts Legacy guide on how to get the Dragon Patronus via Wizarding World — with all answers.

Of all the quizzes on the site, the Patronus quiz is the most expansive in its results. Aiming for any specific animal is a near impossible feat to accomplish. Among the options, the fierce Dragon Patronus is one of the very rarest. But who doesn’t want a giant fire-breathing lizard to protect them from Dementors? It’s a frickin’ dragon, and dragons are awesome. Fortunately, despite its rarity, it is still possible to guarantee the dragon as the outcome on the quiz.

Hogwarts Legacy: How to get the Dragon Patronus via Wizarding World – All answers

First, navigate to the login page on Wizarding World. If you haven’t made an account before, it’s very quick to sign up. The site then redirects to your profile, from which you click ‘Discover Your Patronus.’

You’ll be guided through several semi-randomized prompts and asked to pick one of the words the appear. The Patronus quiz is time-sensitive with its answers, so it’s recommended to have this guide open on another device and to ‘Ctrl + F’ to quickly reference the questions. Any wrong answer will most likely yield another Patronus, given the quiz has more than 120 possible animals.

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The questions are organized by groups, with the quiz selecting one from each as it goes along depending on your answers. Getting the Dragon Patronus requires these answers:

Group one

  • Shine, Glitter, Glow
    • Glow
  • Dream, Discover, Dance
    • Dance
  • Leaf, Blade, Thorn
    • Blade
  • Seek, Protect, Serve
    • Serve
  • Sun, Wind, Rain
    • Wind

Group two

  • Sweet, Salt
    • Salt
  • Make, Improve
    • Improve
  • Rough, Smooth
    • Rough
  • Cold, Warm
    • Cold
  • Bright, Shadow
    • Shadow
  • Blood, Bone
    • Blood

Group three

  • Stone, Wood, Earth
    • Earth
  • Lead, Save, Escape
    • Escape
  • Think, Feel, Sense
    • Sense
  • Play, Prowl, Preen
    • Preen

Group four

  • Lost, Found
    • Lost
  • Speak, Silent
    • Silent
  • Together, Alone
    • Alone
  • Forever, Sometimes
    • Sometimes
  • Who, Why
    • Why
  • Free, Safe
    • Free

Group five

  • Hope, Trust, Love
    • Trust
  • Watch, Listen, Touch
    • Watch
  • Black, White, Grey
    • Grey
  • Comfort, Advise, Impress
    • Impress
  • Mind, Heart, Spirit
    • Spirit

Group six

  • Asleep, Awake
    • Awake
  • Hunt, Create
    • Hunt
  • High, Deep
    • Deep
  • Ripple, Wave
    • Wave
  • Sharp, Sleek
    • Sharp
  • Frost, Dew
    • Frost

Group seven

  • Charm, Jinx
    • Jinx
  • Serenity, Glory
    • Glory
  • Myth, Legend
    • Legend
  • Enchant, Bewitch
    • Bewitch
  • Eternal, Impossible
    • Impossible
How To Get Dragon Patronus Result

With all the answers, you can claim the Dragon Patronus via Wizarding World ahead of Hogwarts Legacy. Image via

These answers land you your very own Dragon Patronus. Here’s to it protecting you from evil.

Can you transfer the Dragon Patronus from Wizarding World to Hogwarts Legacy?

Unfortunately, you won’t be able to bring your Dragon Patronus to Hogwarts Legacy — at least, not yet. According to the developer, there are “no announced plans to include the patronus in the game.” There’s a chance it can happen in future DLC, but we won’t know for sure until it’s announced.

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