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Let’s say you just opened up the Animal Symbol door in the Common Room of Hogwarts Legacy. Once inside, you find a chest and thoughts of precious, aesthetically pleasing gear fills your head. However, your reward for solving the puzzle is a creepy ‘Asylum Mask.’ Oh, no. Indeed, it may offer some protection, but it also makes your witch or wizard in training look like they’re cosplaying Hannibal Lecter. What do you do? Well, we have an option. Here’s how to transmog the appearance of your gear in Hogwarts Legacy.

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Hogwarts Legacy: How to transmog the appearance of gear

At the risk of sounding like an informercial, I must ask: “Has this happened to you??” Certainly, there are many pieces of gear to find in Hogwarts Legacy, offering buffs to strengthen your character. The Asylum Mask in question is a ‘Superb’ ranked item that adds +4 to your defense, which isn’t too bad for the early game. But, unless you’re going for a look of a dark wizard who just escaped Azkaban, you probably don’t want it. But wait, there’s something you can do!

In Hogwarts Legacy, you can ‘transmog’ the appearance of gear so you can enjoy the benefits without the added embarrassment. Many RPG fans will know that transmog (transmogrifying) is a rather common feature used to change the looks of equipment while still maintaining their effects. You can do the same in Hogwarts Legacy, to a more limited extent.

The process is a bit complicated at first, since the game really isn’t great at explaining how to manage gear. However, with these easy steps, you can buff your character and still keep them looking sharp.

Hogwarts Legacy How To Transmog The Appearance Of Your Equipment Items gear Mask

Open up your gear menu

Your first step is to open your Gear menu. After that, move the cursor over to the equipment option you wish to change and enter it. Equip the item you want, then return to the menu. Hover over the equipment and press the button or key to ‘Change Appearance.’

Once you’re in the Appearance menu, move the cursor to where you see the red, slashed-out circle. Activate it, and the equipment will become invisible.

When you transmog the appearance of a piece of gear in Hogwarts Legacy, you can make it invisible or appear as another item. In this example, I can change the Asylum Mask to look like the other masks I have in my collection. It’s more limited than what you would find in, say, Diablo III, but this is still a good way to go for a certain look while keeping the benefits brought by the gear. As you can see below, my Slytherin witch still has the +4 Defense bonus from the mask, but with a clear face.

hl defense skill

Screenshot by PC Invasion

Hogwarts Legacy is available via Steam.

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