Hogwarts Legacy: How to unlock Levioso spell

Hogwarts Legacy Unlock Levioso Spell
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Levioso is a spell in Hogwarts Legacy. With it, you’ll be able to manipulate a target, lifting them into the air to cause even more damage. Here’s our Hogwarts Legacy guide to help you unlock the Levioso spell during your Defense Against the Dark Arts class.

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Hogwarts Legacy guide – How to unlock Levioso

The Levioso spell in Hogwarts Legacy is unlocked early in the campaign. Just after the Sorting Ceremony, your character will wake up in the dorm room, ready to begin their first day as a student. You’ve got two classes to choose from at this stage: Charms or Defense Against the Dark Arts (DADA). You can attend your DADA class for now to get Levioso. Don’t worry about Charms since it’s also required so you can receive Accio. You’ll pretty much head over there, too.

In any case, the DADA professor will show a casting pattern, which looks like an inverted number five. Trace this pattern successfully and you’ll gain access to the ability.

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If Accio pulls targets toward you, then the Levioso spell in Hogwarts Legacy lifts objects and characters higher. This allows you to follow up with additional basic attacks or other stronger spells, essentially creating an air juggle combo. Additionally, Levioso can be used to break yellow shields in combat.

You’ll get to practice this ability now. First, you’ll be up against a training dummy. Next, you’ll face Sebastian, a Slytherin student. Apart from breaking his shield, don’t forget to pop your Protego block and Stupefy counter to make quick work of him. Next up, assuming you already have Accio, you can go ahead and acquire Reparo, too.

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Hogwarts Legacy is available via Steam.

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