Hogwarts Legacy: Where to Find Trolls and Troll Bogeys

Hogwarts Legacy Troll Locations Troll Bogeys Defeat Trolls
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Trolls are large, lumbering creatures that might be slow, but they pack quite a punch. Here’s our Hogwarts Legacy guide to help you find Trolls so you can obtain Troll Bogeys, a material required for crafting and quests

Even a single hit is enough to take out a chunk of your health. Not only is it important to know where you can find them, but how to take them down. We’ll explain this all below.

Hogwarts Legacy Troll locations and Troll Bogeys guide

The Hogwarts Legacy Troll Bogeys can be quickly purchased from J. Pippins Potion Shop in Hogsmeade. However, do take note that stocks are limited. If you want to farm more, then you’ll have to look for them in the wild. These are the Hogwarts Legacy Troll locations that we’ve discovered so far:

  • Bandit Camp west of the Forbidden Forest.
  • Two Troll Lairs in the Feldcroft Region. It’s in the southwestern portion of the upper Highlands.
  • Bandit Camp in Coastal Cavern; Troll Lair west of Poidsear Castle.

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How to beat Trolls in Hogwarts Legacy

So, how exactly do you beat Trolls to obtain Troll Bogeys in Hogwarts Legacy? Well, as mentioned earlier, they’re extremely slow, so you can telegraph their attacks. In fact, their rock throws and smashes can be deflected using Protego and Stupefy.

They do have a bull rush ability that can’t be blocked, so you have to dodge them. In some cases, you should be able to sneak up on them to use Petrificus Totalus. It’s unlikely that they’ll die instantly due to the size and level difference. But, you should be able to deplete a chunk of their health.

Moreover, you can cast Ancient Magic, which will temporarily stun them so you can follow up with offensive spells. Last but not least, some hostile Goblins and Wizards might be nearby. There’s a chance that other enemy types will attack the Troll instead of you, so let them take aggro while you prepare your move.

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