Steam Sale gabe blasphemy

Is this blasphemous? Probably. A bit.

Rumour ahoy. An image making its way around Reddit, allegedly spread around by a Russian-based developer with a Greenlit game, appears to show the start and end dates for both autumn and winter Steam sales. The screencap depicts an email sent from “” and explains the options and processes open to developers who wish to discount their games during the upcoming sales.

Someone claiming to be an editor for the Steam public page on social network states that he also received a copy, and makes the claim that a Russian developer is to blame for this leak.

The dates listed for the two upcoming sales are listed on the email as 27 November – 3 December (for the autumn/Thanksgiving sale) and 19 December – 2 January (for the winter/Christmas one.) Those are periods you could probably have roughly predicted if you’re a dedicated Steam sale watcher.

Valve’s response will perhaps be of more interest in the long run, especially if it turns out that a developer of a Greenlit game is indeed the culprit. Hopefully the person responsible wasn’t just mad about DOTA 2’s missing Diretide event.

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