Hollow Knight: Silksong may actually make an appearance during Summer Game Fest following tease

Hollow Knight Silksong Summer Game Fest Tease

Ah, Hollow Knight: Silksong, the DLC and grew too large, its years-long development cycle taunting fans with a release date that never arrives. Or, maybe it will, and sooner than you think. Granted, I’m speculating here. But recently, it’s been teased that Hollow Knight: Silksong will see a “world premiere” showing during Geoff Keighley’s Summer Game Fest this week. Will it at last be news of when the game arrives? We have until Thursday to see if this little hint goes that far.

For those who have been following, Summer Game Fest has all but taken over E3 duties after the latter got canceled this year. Since then, Keighley has been setting up the show, all the while tossing out teasers on what to expect. Back in April, he teased that The Callisto Protocol would make an appearance. And that recently got confirmed. During the weekend, Keighley couldn’t help but to tease some more about a reveal. However, it wasn’t him dropping a cheeky emoji this time.


In a Tweet, Keighley wrote: “There’s nothing like the feeling of seeing a good world premiere arrive in your inbox.” The message was replied by one Matthew Griffin, saying “I approve of the tease =P.” Griffin is in charge of marketing for Hollow Knight: Silksong, leading many to believe the game will appear at the Summer Game Fest. It’s as good a hint as any that the Princess Knight will make a return.

Are we finally ready to rock?

Hollow Knight: Silksong could be shown off this week during the Summer Game Fest. The game skipped an E3 showing last year, with Griffin himself dropping the news on the game’s official Discord.

Silksong was first announced as DLC for Hollow Knight. The game “became to large and too unique” according to the developer, and the team decided to make it a fully fledged sequel instead. This happened more than three years ago, and updates have been few and far between. Fans of Hollow Knight have been desperate to know more, especially on the topic of a release date. Hopefully, this will be the week.

Hollow Knight Silksong Summer Game Fest Tease 2

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