THQ showed off one of the most exciting FPSs we’ve seen in a long time.  Although the FPS market is pretty saturated, THQ are hoping their latest offering, Homefront, will redefine the way we play FPS games

Set 20 years from now, the US finds itself under the occupation of North Korea, and as a warrior in the resistance, it’s your job to try to overcome the occupation by fighting across the country.

You start in Colorado, and during the course of the game travel across the country and end up in San Francisco, where the final battle takes place at the Golden Gate Bridge.

The game uses the Unreal 3 engine and looks like no other game using the Unreal engine.  It’s exciting and visually compelling, with the action really drawing you into the environment you’re playing in.

In the build we were shown, we saw the use of Goliath, an unmanned vehicle that can be directed by the player.  The Goliath will destroy any target you ask it to and is intelligent enough to lock onto other incoming enemies you may not have noticed.

In addition to this players can expect to control vehicles, everything from choppers to jets to tanks, in the war against the Koreans.

The story has been created by John Milius (Apocalypse Now, Red Dawn) so you’re in safe hands and if the rest of the story is anything like what we were shown, it’s going to keep you hooked.

Although there are enough FPSs out there, this is different.  The story is compelling, the game is visually appealing and the notion of controlling any vehicle, including unmanned vehicles, is enough to get anyone excited.

Multiplayer will also be available and will support up to 32 people with more details being revealed later on this year.  We’ll also be seeing post launch support with DLC, but nothing has been detailed.The game will be out on PS3 and 360 in 2010, with the PC title coming sometime later according to the developer.

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