A sequel is already planned for upcoming first-person shooter Homefront.Danny Bilson, head of THQ’s core gaming group, said at the FBR Capital Markets 2009 Fall Investor Conference that Homefront will compete based on its single-player narrative – which apparently involved John Milius, writer and director of Red Dawn and writer of Apocalypse Now – as well as its multiplayer.According to Gamespot, Bilson said that the game’s story won’t all be within the context of the game game. Backstory will be spread across an “online promotional campaign,” and the single-player campaign is just a small part of the story.”This is about a guy moving some fuel,” said Bilson. “That’s what the single-player is about, to restart some vehicles and retake the Golden Gate Bridge. It’s the beginning of a story. We’re going to tell this like a serial, with cliff-hangers. And then we intend to continue the story in [downloadable content], until we got to Homefront 2.”Bilson also added that the downloadable content will mix single-player and multiplayer action.Homefront, of course, is the forthcoming first-person shooter by Kaos Studios, set around a North Korean invasion of the US. The game is due on 27 March.

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