Homefront was not a great game. It wasn’t completely awful, but it certainly wasn’t a great game. Let’s just say it was bad and leave it at that, shall we?
No, we can’t. THQ won’t let us, not seeing as they’ve now confirmed that an ‘Ultimate Edition’ is on the way. If your trust in the quality and execution of special editions was at its very weakest before you just read that, it must now be well and truly dissolved.
The package is due sometime before the end of THQ’s fiscal year (31 March), so those who still have yet to taste the drudgery of Homefront’s campaign can mark that in their calendar as something to look forward to. 
Exactly what makes it ‘Ultimate’ has yet to be confirmed, but it’s a safe bet to predict that all currently released DLC will be included and that it will come with some half-arsed cardboard sleeve. Possibly even one of those tacky ‘3D’ numbers. Joy.
In other news, Homefront 2 is officially a ‘thing’. It’s being developed by Crytek UK and is due prior to THQ’s fiscal year 2014.

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