Homeworld 3 Release

Homeworld 3 is still a thing, apparently. That’s just about all fans could gather from a new, oddly brief video by Gearbox Publishing. The fifth installment in the real-time strategy science fiction series was announced back in 2019, but there hasn’t been much news since. The new video links to a recent Homeworld 3 developer update, which teases a late 2022 release window.

Gearbox recently shared an unusual video of a Railgun Frigate blowing up another ship. The clip is less than 30 seconds long and features no sound at all, so it doesn’t reveal much of anything. Fans can watch the ship explode into tiny pieces over and over, but there’s not a lot to unpack here.


An accompanying post on Homeworld 3‘s Fig campaign page does provide a bit of context. The update revealed that the Railgun Frigate is Homeworld 3‘s newest unit. The game’s development team went on to explain everything that went into creating the unit. “This beast uses a powerful energy-powered railgun to shoot high energy munitions at the enemy,” said Kat Neal, Core Gameplay Designer. “It can deal a huge amount of damage at long range, and even has the ability to penetrate an enemy’s hull.”

Almost in the home stretch

Homeworld 3 does not have an official release date, but Gearbox did briefly touch on its expected window. “With the expected launch in Q4 2022, we are still pushing for the finish line, and we want to make sure that we tell you about what you can expect in the coming year,” the post read.

Gearbox’s video and the dev update may not have been very telling, but it’s been a long time coming. The previous update came in 2019 and only summarized what fans want from the new installment. After nearly two years of silence, it’s nice to have something to talk about, even if its just a new unit. Plus, if all goes well, then we’re only a year away from a Homeworld 3 release.

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