Honkai Star Rail: A Foxian Tale of the Haunted event guide

Honkai Star Rail Version 1.5
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Honkai Star Rail Version 1.5 has launched, and the new headlining event for the patch is the Foxian Tale of the Haunted event, and it comes with plenty of rewards to earn.

Here’s our guide on the Foxian Tale of the Haunted event in Honkai: Star Rail.

How to unlock the Foxian Tale of the Haunted event

To begin this event, you’ll need to have completed the following Trailblaze Mission: “Xianzhou Luofu – Obsequies Performed, A Long Road Ahead.” The event begins with a brief quest that starts in Aurum Alley, called “Sojourners’ Ghastly Reverie.”

The Foxian Tale of the Haunted event in Honkai Star Rail will begin on November 15 and last until December 25. This means you have well over a month to complete this event and earn all of the rewards, so you can take it slow instead of blazing through it immediately!

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How to beat the “Sojourners’ Ghastly Reverie” quest in Honkai Star Rail

Guinaifen claims to have had an encounter with the supernatural. It’s hard to believe, but she’ll take you to a new zone to go ghost hunting at the Fyxestroll Garden. We don’t care about the ghosts, though. We care about the free Stellar Jade and other event rewards. Head to the Fyxestroll Garden by going through the Exalting Sanctum.

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The quest isn’t too complicated, fortunately. You’ll just have to follow some quest markers and participate in a brief battle against some new enemies, the Wraith Wardens. The main purpose of this quest is to introduce the new event, as well as a new playable character, Huohuo. Huohuo explains the ghosts Guinaifen saw aren’t actually ghosts, but “Heliobi.”

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After some more exploring, you’ll eventually be taken to a strange maze. There’s no clear entrance or exit, as you will continuously loop around the maze. To exit this maze, find the door with only one lantern by the door. After entering this door, you’ll enter a brief battle. A Heliobus will come to “haunt” you after you win. This Heliobus is “Cirrus.” She only wants to escape with you, so you have no choice but to entertain her.

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To clear the next part of the quest, you’ll have to find and destroy the red vases but leave the blue vases intact. You’ll eventually meet up with Huohuo, and after some chatting, you’ll proceed with the rest of the quest.

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For the next part of the quest, you’ll have to solve two puzzles. First, open the treasure box in the middle, the one that looks the cheapest.

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Then, head to the other room and break all the blue vases.

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Finally, during this part of the quest, enter the leftmost mirror and then the center mirror. Explore the rest of the mirrors, and then enter the fourth mirror.

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During the next part of the quest, you’ll actually get to use a trial version of Huohuo! The next part of the quest is pretty simple, you’ll enter a short dungeon where you’ll just have to follow some quest markers and complete some easy battles. Eventually, at the end of the dungeon, you’ll fight Cirrus as a boss.

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This is a very easy boss fight. Cirrus doesn’t actually attack you, you’ll just have to defeat waves of mobs. When you defeat an enemy, Cirrus’ HP will deplete. After this fight, you’ll have to chat with a couple of characters for a bit, but you’ve essentially finished the quest! You can soon move on to the real meat of this event.

Foxian Tale of the Haunted Honkai Star Rail event guide

You actually will have to complete a very brief quest before starting this quest, but it’s mostly an introduction to the actual event. After the events of the prior quest, there are still some stray Heliobi roaming about. You have to extinguish these threats yourself.

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You’ll be using a social media board, where people are posting requests for someone to investigate paranormal activity. After you complete a request, you’ll gain “fans” and “gratuity.” Many of these boards are more complex than you might think, such as entering a small dungeon to free someone from paranormal activity. However, the meat of the event is through its unique fights, which introduce new combat mechanics.

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You have a new “Exorcism” ability that deals heavy damage and applies a unique effect.

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Additionally, enemies can become enhanced, as seen by a red flame pictured in the turn order. In order to prevent this enhancement, you have to time your ultimate attacks so they trigger right before the enemy makes their move. This will steal the flame and enhance your characters instead.

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You’ll also need to manage your social media in this event to get more followers! You’ll have to create hashtags, headlines, and live stream.

Foxian Tale of the Haunted Honkai Star Rail event rewards

The biggest reward you can get in this event is a new event-exclusive Light Cone. It’s an Abundance Light Cone named, “Hey, Over Here!” and has the following effect: “Increases the wearer’s Max HP by 8%. When the wearer uses Skill, increases Outgoing Healing by 16%, lasting for 2 turn(s).” As an event weapon, you’ll also get free Superimposition materials, which allow you to increase the passive effects to a 12% HP boost and 28% Outgoing Healing buff respectively.

This is a fantastic Light Cone for healers, especially characters like Bailu or Huohuo. However, keep in mind that this is an event-exclusive weapon. It’s highly unlikely you’ll be able to get this Light Cone if you do not participate in this event, so be sure to get the Light Cone if you don’t have good Abundance Light Cones!

You can also get a free event-themed wallpaper, as well as the following rewards:

  • x1 Self-Modeling Resin
  • x1 Tracks of Destiny
  • x1,200 Stellar Jade
  • Relic Remains
  • Refined Aether
  • Sprout of Life
  • Lost Crystal (Relic EXP material)
  • Credits
  • Traveler’s Guides

Honkai: Star Rail Version 1.5 is available now on PC, PlayStation 5, iOS, and Android.

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