Honkai Star Rail: Best Arlan team comps

arlan honkai star rail best build team comps
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Honkai: Star Rail has a massive roster of 4-star characters that can round out your team alongside your stronger 5-star characters. While these characters might not be as strong as their 5-star variants, that doesn’t mean some 4-star characters can’t match them with a suitable investment. Arlan is a unique Destruction DPS character who deals more damage based on how low his HP is compared to his Max HP. The more damage Arlan takes, the more damage he will dish out. Here’s our guide on the best team comps for Arlan in Honkai: Star Rail.

Honkai Star Rail: Best Arlan team comps

Honkai Star Rail Tingyun

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Arlan is a 4-star Electric Destruction character who excels in dealing more damage when he takes more damage. This means Arlan requires some specific teammates to help keep him alive so he can stay at lower HP thresholds. Bringing a healer along may not be the best choice for Arlan, as he wants to remain at low HP. This becomes a tricky game at allowing Arlan to stay alive but at risk of taking too much damage and falling in battle. Here are some of our picks for the best characters to use in different team comps for Arlan in Honkai: Star Rail.

  • March 7th or Gepard: Bringing a strong shielder can help Arlan stay alive and stay at low HP. March 7th in particular can single out Arlan and use shields with her Skill. Gepard can work as well, but his shield is tied to his Ultimate, which may make it a bit harder to consistently apply shields on Arlan when he’s low HP. This is opposed to other defensive alternatives, such as Bailu or Natasha. However, in a pinch, you should consider bringing healers if you don’t have a proper shielder. Bringing a shielder as your sole defensive unit becomes a more attractive option once you receive Arlan’s Eidolon 4, which allows him to revive once per battle.
  • Tingyun / Bronya / Asta: Picking one of these Harmony characters is still important, as Arlan is still a main DPS character. Buffing his stats with other methods is a great way to increase his damage output. Because you don’t need to free up a slot for a healer, you can feasibly run two Harmony characters as well to maximize the buffs on Arlan.

With these tips in mind, consider these team comps:

  • Arlan / Tingyun / Bronya / March 7th
  • Arlan / Tingyun / Bronya / Gepard

Honkai: Star Rail is available now.


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