Honkai: Star Rail beta pre-registration has already brought in 2 million signees

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If you’re an avid fan of the acclaimed open-world RPG Genshin Impact, it’s highly likely that Honkai: Star Rail will catch your eye. Created by the Chinese video game publisher and development company HoYoverse, Honkai: Star Rail is an RPG just like the other game, but with the twist of it being a fantasy space genre. Even though the beta pre-registration opened February 10, it already brought in 2 million signees.

The game is scheduled to eventually arrive on PC, the Epic Games Store, and mobile. Pre-registration is luckily available for both mobile and Epic Games Store users. HoYoverse promises an immense journey across different worlds and ventures into the unknown. Honkai: Star Rail has the potential to be an impressive beta experience, based on how successful Genshin Impact has become.

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Pre-registration for the Honkai: Star Rail beta rewards players with gifts

Now that the beta pre-registration has reached 2 million players, HoYoverse promises certain rewards for the amount of players registered. Five levels of rewards are available, and three of them have already been surpassed with two more to go. Depending on how far registration reaches, players stand to receive up to 20 Star Rail Passes, 100,000 credits, a “Trailblazer Welcome” Avatar, and a 4-star character named Serval.

Honkai: Star Rail engages you in turn-based combat, tricky puzzles, and immersive storylines. In the beta, you begin your journey in Herta Space Station. You eventually set your sights towards worlds such as Jarilo-VI and Xianzhou Luofu. The former is filled with mysterious snow-capped mountaintops, while the latter is one of six Flagships in the Xianzhou alliance.

If you’re curious about the adorable purple-haired girl, there is a character-focused trailer already available to watch. But if you’re itching to know when Honkai: Star Rail‘s release date is, you will have to wait a little longer.

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