Honkai Star Rail Divergent Universe Guide Rewards And Challenges Explained
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Honkai Star Rail Divergent Universe guide: Rewards and challenges, explained

A new simulation.

The new Divergent Universe game mode releases with Version 2.3 and allows you to partake in a whole new Simulated Universe. Let’s explain all the rewards to reap and challenges to tackle in this Divergent Universe guide for Honkai: Star Rail.

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How to access and play Divergent Universe in Honkai Star Rail

On June 18 at 3 PM PT/6 PM ET, Honkai: Star Rail players will be able to access Version 2.3 which comes with the new Divergent Universe game mode. This is a new Simulated Universe mode which you can access through Herta’s Office at the Herta Space Station. You’ll also have to beat Simulated Universe World 3 to unlock Divergent Universe.

There are quite a few interesting aspects of the Divergent Universe game mode that make it different from usual Simulated Universe modes. All your characters’ levels will be increased to meet the level cap required for your Equilibrium level. It’ll also counts for your characters’ Relics and Light Cones. This won’t happen to characters who are already maxed out.

Equations and Workbench of Creation

Equations Hsr
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Once you choose your party you’ll get to choose an Equation. These are buffs provided to your party but are only activated once you have the required amount of Path Blessings.

Each Equation has a maximum level of three stars, which also means it’ll require more Path Blessing to activate it. You’ll see Equations marked that you already have the required Path Blessings to make choosing Equations easier.

Honkai Star Rail Divergent Universe Guide Rewards And Challenges Explained Workbench Of Creation
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But what if you chose an Equation you don’t want? Well, you can head to the Workbench of Creation to trade in one of your unwanted Equations for a different one. This workbench also allows you to enhance or change Blessings. You’ll have to spend Cosmic Fragments to use the workbench.

Curios and Weighted Curios

Weighted Curios Hsr
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You can purchase Curios in the Divergent Universe, as well as Weighted Curios. Each Weighted Curio is suited to characters of specific Paths or Types, and they’ll elevate the combat experience with a unique effect. You can also use the Workbench of Creation to level up Curios or change them to Weighted Curios.

Wealth and Escapade Domains

Honkai Star Rail Divergent Universe Guide Rewards And Challenges Explained Domains
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Between the challenges, you’ll be able to enter Wealth and Escapade Domains. You can spend Cosmic Fragments to gamble and earn prizes like Curios and Blessings, but there’s a chance to earn negative Curios in the event of a program error.

You can enter these separate domains through portals, and they’ll be distinctly marked so you know which one you’re entering.

Restarting, Synchronicity, and Inspiration

One notable feature mentioned in the Version 2.3 Special Program livestream was the ability to restart the challenge after a defeat in the Simulated Universe. Beforehand, you’d have to force-stop the game, but that has changed now. You can also select a new lineup after restarting a challenge.

Honkai Star Rail Divergent Universe Guide Rewards And Challenges Explained Inspiration
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After completing each Divergent Universe test, you’ll earn Synchronicity Points and Inspiration. While Synchronicity Points increase your Synchronicity level which grants you rewards, Inspiration allows you to unlock permanent buffs through the Inspiration Circuit. If you don’t like your chosen Inspiration nodes, you can easily respec them.

Planar Ornament Extraction

Planar Ornament Extraction Hsr
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In regards to Planar Ornaments, the Simulated Universe brought along the Planar Ornament Extraction function. This allows you to save a record of a completed challenge and archive the data of the Equation, Curios, and Blessings used.

Divergent Universe also allows you to use save files from completed stages to challenge bosses for immediate Planar Ornaments. Essentially, if you create a save file, you can use it repeatedly to obtain Planar Ornaments by clearing Planar Ornament Extraction boss fights.

New Planar Ornaments and weekly challenges

Honkai Star Rail Divergent Universe Guide Rewards And Challenges Explained Planar Ornaments
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The two brand new Planar Ornament sets coming with Version 2.3 that you can obtain from the Divergent Universe are Duran, Dynasty of Running Wolves, and Forge of the Kalpagni Lantern. The latter is a perfect Ornament set for the new character Firefly.

Weekly Challenge Hsr
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You can complete a weekly Cyclical Extrapolation Objective once you experience the Ordinary Extrapolation. Ordinary Extrapolation has five difficulties and will allow you to use the Threshold Protocol to enhance the difficulty even further once you clear all the initial difficulties.

The weekly Cyclical Extrapolation Objective is a weekly challenge you can complete to obtain a First-Time Completion Reward and Synchronicity Points.

All Divergent Universe rewards

Until we get our hands on the Divergent Universe, we won’t know for sure how many rewards you’ll exactly receive from the Divergent Universe. But from the Special Program live stream, we were able to see some of the rewards you can receive from partaking in this game mode:

  • Stellar Jade
  • Star Rail Pass
  • Tracks of Destiny
  • Self-Modeling Resin
  • Relic Remains
  • Herta Bond
  • Refined Aether
  • Traveler’s Guide
  • Lost Crystal
  • Tears of Dreams
  • Credit

Hopefully, this Divergent Universe guide for Honkai: Star Rail was able to help you figure out how the challenges work and what rewards you can reap from them. Otherwise, you can also partake in the new Memory of Chaos phase A Song’s True Theme.

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