Honkai Star Rail: How to clear A Teacher and a Friend mission

Honkai Star Rail A Teacher And A Friend Chengjie
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Besides including a number of missions that advance its main story, Honkai: Star Rail offers players adventure missions that add to the world and its lore. These offer good reason to explore. They also make the world feel more alive in general. Here is our guide on how to clear the A Teacher and a Friend mission in Honkai: Star Rail.

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How to clear A Teacher and a Friend mission in Honkai Star Rail

Before you can attempt this mission, you need to reach Trailblaze Level 36. Once you do, provided you have sufficiently advanced the story, you will receive a text message from Qingque. Read it to receive the new mission prompt.

To clear the A Teacher and a Friend mission, you must document the development process of a skiff. You get to watch it progress from its seed stage to its realization as a mode of transport on The Xianzhou Luofu. Mostly, this means wandering around and snapping photos while defeating any enemies you encounter.

Honkai Star Rail A Teacher And A Friend Thats The One

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To get started, meet with Chengjie at the Artisanship Commission. It’s located not far northwest from the Arcane Moorage space anchor. He mourns the loss of his mentor. Agree to help him find a missing manuscript, which kicks off the mission.

First off, you need to look for Master Ryan’s manuscript in the Sapientia Academe. Travel to that point on the map (I went by foot and fought some weak mobs along the way, but there’s also a nearby space anchor). At the building’s front entrance, conduct a search. Then sort through the documents your investigation revealed. Answer ‘That’s the one!‘ when you find the one that discusses the design of a type of starskiff. Also, choose to keep the IPC Designer Invite.

After you have the documents, you turn to find that enemies have gathered. These include a few weak monsters that are weak to wind, quantum, and lightning elements, along with others. They are at level 46. If you hit them hard and have well-equipped characters, the fight is a breeze.

Honkai Star Rail A Teacher And A Friend Battle With Monsters

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After the battle, you find the manuscript was damaged. Return it to Chengjie. After more hand wringing, it’s time to proceed again. Fast travel to the Starskiff Jetty on The Xianzhou Luofu. From there, head south to reach Chengjie. He’s in a sour mood and you have several options to cheer him up. I didn’t try all of them myself, because I chose ‘Let’s go to the Sleepless Earl and order a pot of tea!‘ That works beautifully. You appear at a nearby shop and can turn down a pot of tea. Then you go to look at some nearby starskiffs.

Honkai Star Rail A Teacher And A Friend Marvel At Starskiffs

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Marveling at the skiffs causes Chengjie to go through some necessary reflection. Then you can hand over the IPC Designer Invite. Tell him, ‘It’s never too late to graduate.‘ Then say, ‘You’re a craftsman, but you haven’t seen how it’s manufactured?‘ This exchange kicks off a tour of several locations around Stargazer Navalia. Each is presented as an objective:

  • Locate a Growing Starskiff: Germination Phase
  • Locate a Growing Starskiff: Embryonic Phase
  • Locate a Growing Starskiff: Nutritive Phase
  • Locate a Growing Starskiff: Forming Phase

At each location, talk with Chengjie for more information. You also will need to snap a photo. Getting from one point to another on foot is a chore. Even following the map, I briefly got lost on the way to the Embryonic Phase. It turns out I needed to use the panel to summon an elevator so I could ride to a lower level.

Honkai Star Rail A Teacher And A Friend Forming Phase Chengjie With Skiff

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Instead of pointlessly wandering, I suggest warping to nearby space anchors to save some time and avoid unnecessary encounters. As you prepare to take a picture of the skiff in the nutritive phase, some enemies assault Chengjie. You must defeat several Mara-Struck Soldier enemies. They are weak to ice, fire, and quantum damage. You’ve dealt with their kind in the past. They do nothing new here.

Once you take a photo of Chengjie in front of a skiff in the forming phase, answer his questions. Then reap your reward: Trailblaze EXP (250), Stellar Jade (40), Traveler’s Guide, Strale (25), and Credit (15,000).

The quest you just completed is part of a larger set. You must meet Chengjie on subsequent days to complete brief ‘Interlude’ missions. Then he’ll finally present a fuller follow-up mission to continue the story.

Honkai: Star Rail is available via its official website.

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