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Honkai Star Rail Ziqiao Interaction
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There is no shortage of side content in Honkai: Star Rail. Long after you complete the story content currently available, you can come back each day to tend to enemy mobs, or to gather loot by completing simple chores for NPCs. Sometimes, you’ll be sent to a courier to fetch your reward. Here is our guide on where to find Ziqiao in Honkai: Star Rail.

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Where to find Ziqiao in Honkai Star Rail

If you have ever completed a simple chore for a character in The Xianzhou Luofu, only to be told you need to go fetch your reward, you may have found yourself wondering where to find Ziqiao. Fortunately, it’s not all that difficult. You just have to know where to look.

To find Ziqiao in Honkai: Star Rail, simply head to the northwest portion of Central Starskiff Haven. You can warp to the map using the Starskiff Jetty space anchor, which puts you very close to your destination (see the map below).

Honkai Star Rail Ziqiao Location Central Starskiff Haven

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Ziqiao stands near a pile of assembled boxes. From Starskiff Jetty, turn left. Descend some steps to reach a landing where three short staircases converge. Head right, down the steps. Ahead of the red lockers, venture right again. Follow the bridge across to where Ziqiao stands. She is easy to spot, thanks to the boxes with birds perched on them.

Any time someone rewards your good deeds with a code for pick-up, find Ziqiao to claim your reward. This can happen in numerous cases. For instance, you might find an NPC in a container while you are completing the daily Heron Express delivery mini-game in Cloudford. Or, you might need to meet with Ziqiao while completing The Seven Errors of Cycranes quests. Fortunately, now you know where to find her.

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